Home Improvements You Can Make This Weekend

If you want to make some significant improvements to your home but don’t have the time or the budget to do anything major, don’t worry. There arepainting plenty of small home improvement projects that you can complete in a short amount of time. Whether you want to make a room in your home look larger, want to make the front of your home look more inviting, or change your decorative scheme a bit, these home improvement tips can help you make significant changes to your home in a short amount of time.

Improving The Entrance Of Your Home

There are several things you can do to make the front of your home more appealing. Painting the door can make a huge difference. For instance, a deep red door will stand out against the neutral-colored brick. Or, you could paint your door an eye-catching shade of blue if the brick on your home is unusually light. You can also add an array of the major potted plants to your porch to make your home stand out.

Replacing a Window Treatment

You can use fabric to replace a window treatment in your home. These replacements are a great alternative to blinds, and help to let natural light into your home. Choose fabrics that match with the color scheme of the room, and you’ll notice a huge difference. Of course, you can also add the window treatments to windows that have blinds to give this part of your home, even more, texture. The fabrics can serve as a feature piece in the room if you use bold patterns, or you can choose a metallic shade for an elegant and modern accent to the room.

Create An Accent Wall

If you feel that one or more of the rooms in your home can use a little freshening up, you can spend the weekend creating an accent wall. The accent wall should be the smallest wall in the room. This is the perfect opportunity to show off your design sense and make this space in your home one of a kind. Large stripes, a family monogram or decorative wall paper can be used for the wall. You can also add a bookshelf or creative artwork to the accent wall to draw your eye to the wall as soon as you enter the room.

These are just a few great ideas you can take advantage of today. After making these small improvements, you may be inspired to make even more creative and beautiful changes to your home.

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