5 Tips for Time Management

Managing your time at work is often written about with old-school ideas on time management. This article is going to show you some cutting edge techniques and the apps that accompany them to help you get the most out of your day at the office. You can use the services of a professional company to get productivity training courses, but it is always good to start by managing your own time. Let’s look at what’s waiting for you in the app store or on GooglePlay.

1. A Pomodoro timer

The Pomodoro method of time management has its website. That’s how popular it is. It’s being used in offices around the world to help increase productivity. The system works because of it’s unique work/rest approach. The typical breakdown of the work to rest ratio is 25 to 5 minutes with a long break of 15 minutes after four 25 minute sessions; however, on many of the Pomodoro timer apps that you can download, you can change the work to rest ratio and also change the duration of your long break. There are many apps to choose from, each offering different features. Just browse around the app store or the GooglePlay store and find which one will best suit your professional needs.


2. RescueTime

This application is a piece of software that can be downloaded on your computer. The software runs seamlessly in the background while you go about your work life. It quietly monitors every application, program, and website that you use. This program will send you a weekly report of how you are using your time. The results may shock you, but seeing the stark truth of the matter will only help to set you straight time wise.


3. Self Control

The SelfControl app is designed specifically for Macs. It allows you to set a timer and create either a black list or a white list of websites. This app’s main purpose is to keep you off of the websites that suck most of your time. By making a black list, you are only listing the specific websites that you do NOT want to be able to visit while you’re working. This might include things such as Facebook, Pinterest, and other social media sites as well as any sites that you use to distract mindlessly yourself during the day. The other option is to create a white list where you list the websites you WANT to be able to visit. If you only want those to be websites related to your work, be sure to list all of them, because once you turn on SelfControl, you can’t turn it off. You can’t even turn it off by uninstalling it or restarting your computer. This app will make sure that you work while leveraging technology the right way!


4. EverNote

EverNote is available as an app for either Android or Apple. The app is a versatile notebook of sorts. You can capture anything you can imagine with photos, text, or voice recording. The notebook system allows you to categorize and store your notes effortlessly on your phone. You are also able to share things from EverNote with other people, making it incredibly easy to share your ideas about an upcoming project or save the time you would have verbally caught someone up at a meeting by sending them your notes kept in EverNote.


5. MLO – MyLifeOrganized

MLO is an app that can be accessed on Android, Apple, computer, and Blackberry. This app generates automatic to-do lists for you based on your goals or projects that you have listed inside the app. It’s great for organizing your goals and making a plan to accomplish them.


Any of these apps can work in conjunction with each other to help you get the most out of your work day and work week. If it’s achieving goals or just staying on task with your time, these apps are here to help. Most of them are available for free, so try them out and see what best suits your needs. We also advise you get a microsoft outlook training on top of that to make sure you master the basics of business management.

this is what a lack of organisation looks like

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